Monday, September 12, 2011


It's funny to think that I can get on an elliptical machine and push hard for an hour and feel nothing in my knee, but the simple task of ascending or descending stairs or even suddenly changing directions when walking or standing still can cause severe pain. The body is an amazing thing.

I try to get in as much elliptical as I can without getting bored with it, but I'm wondering how the cardiovascular training I'm getting on the machine will translate over to running long distances.

Last night while Pae ran, I did a long 40km "interval" workout, really just trying to push my lungs. When running on the track I usually struggle with my breathing, but can finish strong, but those runs are never more than 5-10km. A 10k running for me is just a little slower than 40km on the elliptical.

It's been one and a half weeks since my last run that re injured my knee. It felt okay for the first kilometer, but started to crunch around and scrape and rub and pop in my warmed-up leg, followed by pain. My response? I kept running like a jerk. I have to learn that "quitting", as I viewed it, sometimes is best for my health. I hate quitting, I started a 5k and by golly I was gonna finish it...which I did, and am paying the price for it, another two weeks of no running. I need to get my head out of my butt and do what's best for my body!!

I'll try to do that!! Only 68 days until the marathon so I need to start running soon...but only when my body is able. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

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