Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Pae!

Another year has come and gone and it's again time for me to call internationally to speak to Pae on her birthday!

This year, Pae was in Melbourne, Australia for her 27th birthday, training with Jetstar. Technically, I'm not sure that I'm supposed to put anything on social media or blogs about her flying with them, or at least photos...not positive.So, like for birthdays past, she was with a bunch of friends this year. All trainees, and I'm not sure of the whole story, they surprised Pae with a little hotel room get together/party on the 26th of September.Basically I know very little, outside of the fact that it was a special evening with all of her coworkers and fellow trainees who are spending their days and evenings together, learning, studying, eating, etc. for the next few weeks.Why don't I know? Hahaha, well, they have so much studying and testing that we try not to be on the phone all hours of the day. Helps her to be able to focus on getting through training, but we are able to text message, Whatsapp and call each other a couple times per day (lunch and nighty night time).

Hope to spend some more birthdays together, but as long as Pae is taken care of by her friends, it's all good! Happy birthday Pae! Joop!

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Tau said...

Happy birthday Pae...hope your hotel party was fun. Be safe in the Aussie country.

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