Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Foto - September 16, 2011

It's rainy season here in Thailand, one of Thailand's two seasons; Summer and Rainy. I think October should be less rainy, so there is only half a month of rain left hopefully...and I'm a person who loves the rain!

These are iPhone photos from three different days last week and this week, taken from the back of a motorcycle taxi, on the way from school to my bus stop or home a little under ten kilometers. The snapshots are showing three different levels of downpour. Top photo is just speeding through the sois with a proper rain, harder than a drizzle but not chubby rain. The problem with that is that the drops are coming sideways since the motorcycle is speeding along at a good clip. The facial expression is a go figure, "Yep, again!"The center photo is the type of rain that I'm less willing to ride the motorcycle in, but when I do it means that I really want to get home (a twenty minute ride on a moped vs. an hour and a half stuck in traffic on a vehicle of the four wheel variety). This is the rain that sees me wrapping all of the things in my backpack (laptop, visa, passport, work permit, notebooks, various loose candies, etc.) in plastic garbage bags and getting home pretty drenched but refreshed.

The bottom photo is just plain bad luck. It's a torrential downpour. It's an "I-was-on-the-bike-in-the-rain-but-the-drizzle-suddenly-turned-into-a-monsoon-5k-from-home" situation. Notice the black bag on my head trying to lessen the acid rain thinning my hair even more than age already has. Note the foggy glasses, squint and frown. It's not a sad frown, it's me trying to hold the camera backwards, in the rain, on the back of a speeding moped, between hundreds of cars crawling through the flooded streets frown, a frown of concentration! Just think "Michael Jordan's Tongue", body English so to speak!

You may ask why the heck I even take photos of myself in the rain on the back of a moped? Well, this is about the time of day when Pae is also getting out of training or wondering when I'm going to get home, and we're texting back and forth...and there's no better way to answer "How are you?" or "Is it raining there?" than with an expressive photo!!

Love to all, stay dry, TGIF!

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mardenheyjude said...

Funny faces. Looks like you are trying to go. hahahaha Have a great weekend. Love always, Auntie

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