Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pain Management

Ice, Ice, Ice!!

A week or so back, before deciding to give a marathon a go in November, I tweaked my right knee. Not sure if I tried to go to fast too soon, old shoes, or maybe I'm just getting old!! Haha.

I missed two "running dates" with my marathon training partner Eric, meaning we've not yet gotten out for a run together since deciding to run the November 20 butt kicker.

Now, I'm cross training with the elliptical machine and bike as they are less stressful on my bad knee. I changed my shoes on Rebecca's advice. I've been taking it easy and trying to ice 4-5 times daily.

I'm getting to feel like it's going to be a matter of "pain management" rather than "healing". Only three months until the race. Still not sure if I'm going to be there for the marathon. Depends on if the knee can survive anything over 5k.

Plenty of time to figure it out!

On a more celebratory note, Pae improved her personal best 5k time last night at the track! 38:39 !! Sweet!


Naomi Hanks said...

WOW PAE! You really cut off some serious time! Great job! And Chris, don't worry old man, bad knees or not, you totally got this!

mardenheyjude said...

Great time Pae. Keep up the good work. As for you nephew, perhaps you should have a doctor look at your knee or better still have an x-ray. Paul just had knee replacement surgery one month ago and it is like having a new life for him. You should not have to deal with the pain. Take care of yourself. Love always, Auntie

Beccarigg said...

Running injuries are such a bummer, but don't despair, you're doing all the right things, resting it and icing 4 times a day. I also recommend taking advil or any NSAID to help with the inflammation. If you can take 2 weeks off running and just focus on cross training, swim, bike, elliptical, then I think you'll be able to get back on the horse with plenty of time to train. Totally hard to be sidelined like that but taking time off will get you back in the game a lot sooner than trying to push through the pain. good luck!

Tau said...

u got this bro. hope the knee starts feeling better soon.

Pae and Guy said...

no more pushing past the pain, can't even go up stairs properly right now without killing the knee. Destroying my knee just to train seems ridiculous, pushing pause right now. I'll get back into it once the knee responds to the rest!

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