Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Energizer Bunny

Pae just ran 6k!

We went out to the track with P'Nut and his friend, our little running crew, last night. Pae went to get in some kilometers, the boys went to build on the 4 kilometers they had run the previous night, and I was there for moral support and to have another good walk and lots of stretching.

While Pae was running, I was keeping an eye on her and timing her 400 meter splits. Not sure why, I just like to compare split times when I run. Since I was walking, it was pretty easy for me to track her around the track, although last night she dressed in black and white which blends into the other black and white wearers like a herd of zebras at times.

I'm used to her running somewhere around a 3:30+ 400 meters, so her average of 3:16 last night was speedy. With that speed it was very exciting to see her continue running after she finished her last 200 meters. Previously, Pae had gone as far as 5.5 kilometers in her runs. Last night she just kept going and going! Not only did she keep going, but she kept right about her normal pace of 3:30 for her final 4 or 5 laps!

Usually after our runs, especially when Pae pushes hard, we both look super flushed and spent. Last night Pae was nice and sweaty, but looked like she could have gone another 4k haha (6 + 4 = 10). She's slowly running her way into better shape, better health and increased endurance.

I was pretty happy that she unexpectedly ran 6k and I think she was proud of that too! She teasingly said that "maybe" she had the energy to tack on the extra kilometer because I told her that she looked cute in her running shorts ;)


Tau said...

hats off to u guys...maybe some day i will get bit by the running bug.

mardenheyjude said...

Good running Pae. You are making it look easy. Keep up the good work. Guy, good to see you are taking it easy.

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