Monday, August 29, 2011

82 days - Bursitis in the Knee

A little discouraged today as I look at my countdown timer to the Bangkok Marathon. I've been laid up with a bum knee for way too long and the training days are disappearing, especially since I still haven't gone over 10K yet. Gonna have to kick this knee pain in the butt and get out there and do some distance (slowly).

I think that's my problem in the first place, trying to go to far to fast. Combine that with weak, tiny, baby-man legs, I think I just wasn't ready to go all in like I did a week or so ago when I busted out a quick (for me) 10K. Self diagnosis, Pes Anserine Bursitis, fits my symptoms in every every way.Ice, Ice, Ice, leg stretching all day, leg muscle strengthening. The thing I find myself thinking about more often, since my classrooms are on the second floor of the school, is pre-planning my upstairs and downstairs activities so as to minimize the frequency of my ascending and descending those monsters. Other than running, that's when I have the most severe pain in my right knee.I'm going to take'er out for a spin this Friday or Saturday, giving me another week to rest it. Crossing fingers and hoping for the best. I can't believe it, but I'm severely itching to get out there and RUN!!

1 comment:

Tau said...

Don't push the recovery too fast. There will always be another opportunity to run but I don't think there are too many extra knees laying around. Have fun but be safe bro.

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