Friday, July 1, 2011


I remember mom taking me to Scouts when I was a kid, in fact, I think mom was a den mother. I never went past Cub Scouts, but I remember the structure of the Scouts, earning badges, beads, etc.Here in Thailand, every student is a Scout. The Scout uniform is worn once a week as part of the required uniform in most schools as well. Thursdays here at my school. The whole earning badges thing is less noticeable and I don't think I've ever met or seen an Eagle Scout here. It means very little here, from my vantage point, its just something the Ministry of Education implemented into the system.Today, Friday, our school is having a special Scouts "ceremony" (for lack of any other description I can think of). They do this once a year it seems. What it comes down to is the day prior (yesterday) the teachers scurry around getting poster board and markers, tell the kids what to draw and write, and have the kids create posters concerning whatever is "the thing" at the time. Right now (Sunday) we are having general elections in Thailand, so all of the posters are probably about the voting process. I won't start on Thai politics...we (Pae and I) are very cynical when it comes to that subject. Perhaps cynical is the wrong word. I think "Honest" and "Realistic" is more appropriate.So, the kids are currently marching around the school grounds, with the Scout master (I call him "the microphone dude") shouting cadence and instructions. The students will share their posters with the rest of the school and I'm sure a winning poster will be chosen. I'm hiding from the festivities, preparing for my second period science class (first period was cancelled) and typing this short post.Here are a couple pictures of the kids.

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