Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sad Faces - High Places

Little BunBun has been exploring more lately. We let him out when we are home so he has free run of the apartment. Sometimes we forget he is out and have to be careful where we step or walk because he likes to stuff himself in cracks and under folds of blankets, sheets, etc.Twice at school, I've gotten funny photos from Pae at home. The first time, Pae heard something rustling over in the corner near our phone. Bunny boy had crawled into a clear plastic package and couldn't find his way out. The package was pretty tight on his back, flattened him out, and his little bunny face looked so sad. Not to worry, Pae extricated him immediately from his little predicament and he was on his happy way.Today I got another photo message from home with BunBun up on our ironing board. This is probably the highest he's jumped so far. The funny thing for me was that he sat there and posed for the photo, haha. Cute. We usually open the door at home to let the breeze blow through the room, but we have to stack some shoes up to hold it open and to prevent him from running out in the hallway. We may have to work on either a higher stack of shoes or some better (higher) way to prop the door open. Heck, dude will be hopping on the bed in no time!

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mardenheyjude said...

Little BunBun is like a litle kid, always getting into dangerous places. You gotta watch him all the time. He is so so cute. Love always, Auntie

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