Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Foto - July 29, 2011

I had a big decision to make today concerning the Friday Foto. I had to choose between some pictures of a rainbow that I took from our apartment after a small shower last week and a photo of a woman's boob salute...I went with boobs!Okay, so I was watching Top Rank Boxing. They sang the national anthems of each of the boxers in the main event. I was kinda half running back and forth during the pre-bout build up, so not paying too much attention. This woman was singing a nice rendition of the Mexican national anthem, when I looked up at the television only to see her standing there, singing, holding her microphone in one hand, saluting with her breasts and other hand! It seemed very Star Trek...

I mean, the military salutes, hand to head when we're weaponless or different variations of a salute using our weapon, okay. Civilians generally would put their hand over their heart, understandable. Even Hitler and his goons had their own salute. But this woman was poppin' a mammary salute and I couldn't stop laughing. I guess she was combining the military salute and civilian hand on heart.

In the Marines, we boys would flip a quick salute to our buddies, in gest, using parts of the male anatomy quite a bit farther south of the breasts or heart. I won't say the name of said salute...this is still a family rated blog ;)

Anyway, this is probably 100% normal south of the border and even in other places around the world, it was just a first for me!

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