Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Foto - July 1, 2011

This year has been pretty weak as far as movies go. Perhaps there have been some good movies, but since Pae was away for the first half of the year in Amman we didn't have the opportunity to go out often.

Now that she's home, we've gotten back to the salty popcorn, super-sized Coca Cola and greasy cinema seats. Perhaps the best way to ease back into going to the theater, Transformers 3, yeah!! Like.

One of the best parts of most movies are the previews/trailers for coming attractions as well as the movie posters plastered everywhere in and around the theater. Today's photo is of two such posters near the bathroom in the theater at the mall.Now, I'm not really sure which of these I'm more likely to see, or which one Thais would choose to go see together; the movie with a half naked dude jammed in a giant ghost woman's cleavage or the latest 80's remake, The Smurfs. We asked some of the kids at school if they knew what a Smurf was. Only one boy knew and he couldn't name any of them. As far as they know, The Smurfs could be a cartoon version of Avatar.

So, nothing extraordinary, just giving a feel for the lack of excitement I have right now for any "Coming Soon" movies this summer. Transformers will have to hold us over until Harry Potter comes out!

Random- Red Vines Lose! Twizzlers Win!

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