Thursday, July 14, 2011


One of Little Bunny Boy's favorite things to do is chill. Probably only likes to eat more than chill, fits right into the family perfectly!!

If he hasn't found a little crack somewhere to wedge himself into and relax, he's flattened himself out on the floor, his cage, under the bed or with his head propped up on your foot (very cat-like).

Rabbits, in general, don't like to be handled too much, and he has his days. Mostly when he's trying to eat, or on one of his Eat, rest, Eat, rest, Eat, rest, Eat cycles and we try to pick him up, he'll hop right out of our grasp.

But there are the times, when he's scared, when he first wakes up in the morning, or just when he decides that he wants to be hugged, pet, rubbed, massaged, cleaned, etc. I like to flip him on his back and he kinda goes into a mini trance. It's great. Then we pet his cheeks and look at his little beaver teeth. The happier or more relaxed he is, he'll start to purr like a cat. A rabbit purr is actually them grinding their teeth, it's pretty funny.

Flipping him on his back and trancing him out is the way we are able to clean his feet and wash dried poop or urine-stained fur off of his underside after he sits in his little yellow puddles when he pees on the floor outside of his cage.Here are a few pictures of him when he's chillin'. I love his little pinkish "lips" hahaa(three lips by the way, cool). Pae's favorite is his little tiny four front teeth! We saw bunnies, about 8 of them, in the park yesterday before running (and walking) 5K on the track (yay us). A couple of them were pretty giant...Lops usually don't grow more than 1.8 kilograms, but a brown Lop yesterday certainly was pushing that! Maybe we'll take our little runt to the park to get some exercise and meet some other bunnies...see how he handles that! I'm sure he'll just sit there...CHILLIN'. Gotta get him a tiny pair of chill sunglasses!

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mardenheyjude said...

Cute bunny. He sure must be a lot of fun to have around the house. If the bunny is not nuetered, just be careful if you take him to the park. An unneutered boy bunny bonding with an unspayed girl bunny might result in 16+ bunnies running around in the park.haha Did you know that a nuerted bunny lives much longer than one who is not nuetered? Love always, Auntie

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