Monday, July 4, 2011

BunBun the Bunny Boy

Our apartment complex doesn't allow pets, but we see and hear them in neighboring rooms often. We decided, since it's still not time for KIDS, that it WAS time to break the rules and get a pet. We're not brave enough to try to take care of a puppy in our tiny square box room, so we decided to delay the puppy until we find a new place to live. We decided on a Bunny.Bunnies are very popular here with people who live in cramped little apartments. They don't bark, they don't poop super giant stinky poops, and they are small. That's the presumption at least! We regularly see people siting in the park, chatting and watching their bunnies hop here and there. There are also dog owners in the park, dogs also running hither and thither...I'm always waiting for one of the dogs to chase or attack (either out of hunger or just playfully) one of the rabbits. Scary combo.

So we went to JJ Market, where we knew they sold bunnies. Pae did a lot of research online and found out that lots of the bunny sellers were selling the animals too early, taking them from their mothers before it was healthy. So we got to JJ knowing about what age and size that we wanted and what kinds of little accessories and foods we wanted to get as well.At first we were like, "How can we choose, there are so many bunnies!" But then we went with the "We'll know when we see the right one, it'll be like it was meant to be" and that's exactly how it happened.We went shop to shop looking at rabbits, lots of cute ones and many different breeds. There were the generic Thai bunnies, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, long eared, short eared, flop eared, skinny, chubby, hairy, brown eyed, red eyed, just so many. But we walked past this one cage with a little white and brown patterned bunny and I think we knew then that our search was over.The dude let Pae hold little bunny man, dug around in his little bunny private parts to find out that he was a he, and told us a little about his breed, age, price, etc.I think that even before he finished talking and only probably 1/3 of our way into the market we had found our bunny. We chose a little pink cage for our boy bunny, paid and left bunny boy with the seller so we could go grab lunch at our favorite food place in JJ (notice I didn't say "restaurant", it's really a hole in the wall posing as a restaurant, but the food is the best for miles!!) and shop for food and other accessories.We took a taxi home while BunBun took perhaps his first ride in the traditional air-hole-poked brown cardboard box. It was one of those new puppy feelings, taking an animal home from the shop, from the harsh conditions of nasty, overcrowded cages.Arriving at home, we immediately cleaned up all of the larger stuff that BunBun would chew on or eat and blocked most of the major crevices and let BunBun roam around his new home. An exploring bunny is very cute, head jutting up and down, sniffy nose going hundreds of miles per hour smelling its new surroundings. Cutest is when he stands on his hind legs, front paws under his chin, whiskers shaking up and down with his smelling!Eventually, over the next few days of the weekend, BunBun only peed when we let him on the bed. He first peed on Pae's covers, then on Smarty and ChocoPie (a bear and a puppy). In his "close call" moment he hopped over to Pae's iPhone, which was on my side of the bed, and sat right on top of it and started smelling his junk...that's been our hint that he's about to pee, the only thing that we've noticed so far that he does BEFORE he pees. All we've noticed other than that is that he hops and runs really fast every now and then. When that happens he's usually running away from a juicy yellow spot on the bed.SO, iPhone, as BunBun settled right on top of the phone, I joked to Pae, "I think he's about to pee." Pae said "Don't pee Bun Bun, not on my phone" and tried to pull the phone away, but it was caught on his claw so we were careful to pull it off gently...then he sprinted to Pae's pillow...At first we were like, WOW you're so fast BunBun! but then I looked at my side of the bed and Pae's finger...not only did he leave the warm yellow spot, but also some chunky little treats, like five of them. Yeah, so the little guy pooped and peed on our bed throughout the weekend, but that's cool, we went and bought new sheets last night.So BunBun is the new kid on the block, a Holland Lop mixed with Thai rabbit, maximum weight no more than 1.8 kilograms or around 4 pounds. The little guy spent his cage time either eating or eating or eating or sleeping.He does that, he'll eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat then eat some more then suddenly he'll close his eyes. After a while he'll open his eyes, jump up and run to his little grass ball and start munching, then chill again.Even though he's in his cute stage, Pae is waiting for him to grow, grow, grow so he's more huggable and less fragile that time, he'll have bigger poops too!!


Tau said...

What a cute lil guy...kind of reminds of Gizmo on Gremlins.

mardenheyjude said...

Cutest little bunny I ever saw. I babysat two bunnies for my neighbor and it was so cool. It's kinda funny you were just talking to your students about disecting bunnies instead of fish and then you go and buy a bunny as a pet. Is his name bun bun or are you going to name him "Peter Cottontail" or "Bugs". hahaha
Love always, Auntie

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