Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Family and friends probably know that Pae and I have been living apart for the past year, due to her working with Royal Jordanian Airlines and my continued employment here at my school. It was a very long year to spend so far away, as friends, as bestest buddies, as a couple engaged to be married. I won't lie, it was difficult being alone. It was difficult not being able to be there for each other when we felt the need to have that special someone nearby.

Long distance relationships are a challenge for a myriad of reasons, but something as simple as the absence of a just-got-home-from-work hug or the indecisiveness of "what should we eat for dinner" reminds you just how empty things seem when the other person isn't around.

Happy to report that we did it. We did our year. Pae completed her contract with RJ. She was offered a new contract, but considering we were just married, it seemed the better option to live together. Since I couldn't work in Jordan, even at McDonalds, due to my lack of Arabic language ability, we decided that Pae would come home.

Pae is officially home. We are officially together at last!

One concern for the long run was that Pae would have difficulty finding employment that she enjoyed here in Thailand. She didn't want to come home from a productive past year, full of new experiences and life lessons, to a small room and a television and 9 hours of me being away at school all day. Such a sudden drop in productivity and daily interaction with people would make it difficult for her emotionally and even physically, but we were willing to work really hard to get out and find a good job as fast as possible; hopefully one that she enjoyed waking up to daily.

This continues to be our challenge, although there are some great opportunities that are within our grasp. We'll hopefully have good news on that front by the beginning of July. It's a job that will allow her to live here in Bangkok and still do what she enjoys. We're crossing our fingers. She's done all she can do and done her absolute best throughout the interview process with this company and we're working hard to get her that final few steps and officially employed!!

I'm always impressed by Pae's willingness to "do what it takes", even when she is putting her emotions on the line (in the case of rejection), to achieve the things that are important to her and to her family. Either way, if she gets the job or not (knock wood) we're gonna have to go and drown ourselves in a celebratory avalanche of ice cream, fudge sauce, fruit toppings and whipped cream!! Pae has worked hard the past year or so and continues to reach out with all of her power and diligence to grab and pull closer to her the things that she wants for herself and for us at this point in her life and our life together.

Like they say, "It's not where you end up, it's how you got there" (or something like that, you get the idea!) No matter what happens, we know that we have always done everything, given our all, the best we could give, to try to make the things in our mind's eye real. There is no failure when that is the case.

Thank you my jaosao naawy! You're awesome and I love you!

p.s. Having a little trouble getting Part I of our honeymoon posts to'll show eventually I'm guessing, although it may be backdated...Part II and III are in works in progress ;)


Bumble Bee T said...

Congrats on being able to be together in one place again! My hubby and I lived apart for a few years while I was in grad school in So Cal and he was on the Oregon Coast. It's no fun, and it's totally the everyday things you miss.

Good luck to Pae in her job search!

Pae and Guy said...

Thank you BumbleBee T.

A couple years huh? Definitely not easy but makes being back together even better!

mardenheyjude said...

The honeymoon pictures were wonderful, especially the ones with both of you in the picture. Also, the story titled "Together" is so beautiful to read. I wish you both a perfect life together. You certainly deserve it. Hope to get a visit from you when you come to the United States. Love always, Auntie. P.S. We finally got the Stanley Cup back after 39 long years. BRUINS ROCK1111

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