Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Honeymoon in Bali - Part III Pae and Guy

The final installment of our honeymoon blogs. We had a great time in Bali, relaxing together, especially after the stress of not only the wedding and wedding preparations, but also of travel back and forth here and there so much in the previous month.Our honeymoon was a great chance for us to be away from students, be away from passengers and just be together. We'll have to do this more often!! I guess after the honeymoon, you call them "weekend getaways" or something right?One thing that always happens when we go places is that we don't get enough pictures of both of us together. We noticed that we didn't take a lot of photos during our honeymoon as well, but did collect a few that we asked other people to take for us or auto timed photos.Believe it or not, this is the only photo we got of us together at the beach! Nice sand, good weather. Too bad there wasn't food and snacks sold by hawkers walking up and down the beach. In Thailand you can get all kinds of awesome food while sitting on your chair or towel on the beach! I guess in the resort area they are considered a nuisance and an eye sore though.The next three photos are from the day we visited Tanah Lot temple. This one below is of the gate to the entrance of where the temple is located. Most temples and gates and even highways had these "bookends" that you would walk through. Pretty cool looking and different.There was a small inlet or cove where the waves made their way in and crashed against the rocks. I liked the sound of the crashing waves, it looked cool and in places the action of the waves and the movement of the water reminded me of "The witches brew" at Hanauma Bay in Hawaii.This photo was taken by a couple who we did a "photo exchange" with overlooking Tanah Lot. Photo Exchange? My made up term for when you see a couple taking individual photos, then you offer to take their pic as a couple if they do likewise for you! Everybody wins. You do often end up with photos of camera strings, horrible framing or composition, and blurry, out-of-focus pictures, but it's better than not having any pictures together after your trip!At Monkey Forest, we had less opportunity to take pictures together as most tourists were too busy making sure the monkeys didn't steal their belongings. The things would actually jump on you or just grab something right out of your hands or off of your head or face! So, passing your camera to another person just wasn't in the cards it seemed.When we got to certain places with a low concentration of little begging thieves, we actually got brave and did the auto timer thing! It's a very paranoid ten seconds as the timer ticks down to the opening of the shutter, with fat monkeys (fast fat monkeys) just around the corner waiting for something to steal. We made it out alive and in possession of all of our belongings...except for a pack of wet wipes that were unsalvageable after being ripped off and muddied earlier.Photos at Uluwatu, with the temple silhouetted against the backdrop of the setting sun, were fun. We got to Uluwatu right on time, with probably only a half hour before the sun sank into the ocean.The filtered rays and orange tint of the sun, the chubby monkeys, the rising tide, the multiple sets of waves you could see from the upper vantage point (top of the cliffs) stretching as far as the eye could see and surf crashing into the base of the huge cliffs was a beautiful combination and made for the perfect atmosphere for "just being somewhere". But the thing that made it most special was being there together!We had a great wedding, a great honeymoon together and now we're beginning a great life together, just the two of us for now and whatever new family additions might come along the way! *In the form of people AND puppies of course!

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