Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Honeymoon in Bali - Part II - The people of Bali

Got all of the basics out of the way concerning our honeymoon to Bali, Indonesia, so here are some pictures that we took of local people doing their thing there. I kept accidentaly calling them "Balinesians" to which Pae would always correct me. I guess they are "Balinese" hahaha. Oops!

I particularly like to watch people when I go places. See them smile, see them work, see them go about everyday things in their own ways, taking into account their culture, economy, etc. I guess you call it "people watching", one of my favorite things to do.The resort area where we stayed had very few hawkers trying to sell things or offer us services. There were however a few guys on the beach walking around offering activity packages such as snorkeling, scuba, parasailing, jet ski, glass bottom boat rides, etc. Their boats were anchored outside of the swimming area, sitting at the ready, hoping for some takers.I got several photos, taken from a moving van, of farmers tending their fields.Bali, much like Thailand, is full of mopeds and motorcycles. For the narrow streets in Bali they seem a much more fitting form of transportation. The biggest difference in Bali was that most of the riders wore helmets. Our driver told us that the helmet laws there were very strict and harsh. Here in Thailand, you'll get ticketed when a cop is in the mood to come chase after you in the heat, when they are running low on their quota near the end of the month, or when they need a little extra pocket money.Here's another farmer in another field.This kid was with his mom and family attending a ceremony at a small pavilion near Tanah Lot temple north of Kuta.I believe this was part of a funeral ceremony on the beach. There were wreaths, lots of people, food vendors and two guys with a giant torch, propane tanks and something burning under two pieces of corrugated tin roofing.In Kuta this caravan of school buses passed us, caught in traffic, going towards the beach. On the left of the picture is a group of masseurs taking a break.One of these ladies sold us a couple paintings, claiming that her husband was the one who painted them. We saw them many other places on the island, perhaps her husband distributes them island wide, or not.Another picture taken from a moving vehicle. This truck was parked on the side of the road with it's driver unloading coconuts. This area of the world has an abundance of coconuts, which are used for desserts, drinks as well as cooking.Another important food product grown in much of Asia and SE Asia is of course rice. These stepped rice terraces were nice looking. They were just being planted, they must be beautiful when they are ready to harvest!This lady was placing an offering at the gate of a temple.These kids at Tanah Lot temple were not shy at all when I asked them to take a picture together. And of course they giggled to each other as Pae and I walked away.A bunch of high schoolers hanging out at Tanah Lot.After school girl talk. These two girls just sat on the side of the street outside of their school chatting and watching traffic go by, perhaps waiting for a ride.A mix of students mingling right after the final school bell went and tourists cruising the shops along the road.Balinese men playing a card game under a palm-roofed shelter at the beach in Kuta. Very animated when playing, similar to when Korean ajumas play Hwa-do.Chillin' with some guys who were sitting watching people pass. They all looked so comfortable and relaxed in their "church clothes".

The two most important people on this trip, the honeymooners, will be featured in the next and final post dedicated to our honeymoon in Bali...Until then, Aloha!

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