Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fourth Graders 2011

I try to put up some pictures of our students every now and then, especially when they are "new" students. I didn't teach this group last year, so they are "new" to me.Our fourth grade class is down to 20 students and they are an absolute handful. The difference in levels of ability (English language ability to start with) is drastic which complicates things. No student left behind? I think some of these students were left behind in previous years, and their parents refuse to put them in a more appropriate program at our school or another school. And our school isn't going to turn down the money that the parents are paying by saying that the students don't belong in the more difficult English Program. It's a business. That's perhaps all I should say about that. That's a rant for another day; a day when I'm no longer employed here...

So, as you can see from the collage, a couple students have a hard time staying in their seats! We have ways of dealing with that...ever hear of "water boarding"??? hahah!! Random fact...they call me "Teacher Gaga", hmmmmm.

Anyway, these are my 4th graders, crooked glasses, beaver teeth, chubby cheeks and all!!

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