Thursday, June 30, 2011

Been there done that

Saw these direction signs at the movie theater. Always like the arrow towers in touristy places showing the directions and distances to other main cities or nearby places.Try to guess what two of these places I've been to. Unfortunately only two of them so far, but we'll get them all ticked off of the list eventually! More importantly, which have YOU been to?


Harold said...

Well, I have frequently visited ONE of those places, namely [ta da!] the "toilet."

As you are a veteran, I would guess "Germany [Berlin]," and if you were in Germany either posted or temporarily, then you've probably visited "Paris."

Oh, and sorry for the delay, but a hearty congratulations on your marriage.

Regards from Ken C., Southern California

Tau said...

Only one so far. I'm sure you guys will get to all of those places soon...lucky! Hope all is well bro.

Pae and Guy said...

@Ken C., I waw hoping someone would give the punchline for me!!

Yes sir, Toilet and Paris are the only of those where I've been...In fact, I visited many toilets in Paris...In fact I visited the "Loo" at the Louvre!!

Been to Germany not as a service member, but as an accountant, go figure!! Stuttgart and Frankfurt, not Berlin. My Marine Corps years were spent mostly in the Pacific/Asia.

Germany was one of my favorite places in Europe though, the fog hovering just above the green pastures and fields right before day break...beautiful!

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