Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Songkran 2011

The Thai New Year festival just ended and summer is pretty much in full swing...Hot, hot, hot!! Songkran is always a very fun holiday for us, as the whole country shuts down for three days and a weekend. This is a great chance for families and friends to gather from near and far and hang out and celebrate the holiday together.This year, we again went to Ubon for Songkran. We missed the first day as we were returning from our family trip to Korea, but we still got two days of water play with family and friends.Our first day we hung out with family, brothers, cousins, significant others, drove around in the back of the family truck and then found an empty spot to park and "fight" with our many barrels of water.
Pretty subdued compared to past years, but it was fun to "len sat nam" (pour water) with the likes of N'Kok, N'Gaeng, N'Mai, N'Nam, Fai, Pae, P'Nut and P'Ing. In a more relaxed, less alcohol, more family setting. The final day we hung with friends at the same place we celebrated for the past two years.This was my 5th Songkran in Thailand. Funny, but I never ever counted the number of "New Years" celebrations I had in any other place, Songkran is just so unique and fun! We party from afternoon pretty much into the darkness.We've posted multiple times concerning the partying during Songkran from previous years as well as the gentler more religious side, so I won't go too much into the details here, only wanted to post some photos to memorialize the occasion and to share as well.I remember reading a comment on Facebook from friends in Ubon saying that the theme of this year's celebration (for our group) was going to be "Colorful" theme. From these pictures, it seems that the theme turned into kissing and biting! Hahaha. For many of us, it's the only time we see each other for the whole year, for others of us, it just seems like a good chance to bite each other. Odd, now that I think about it! Hahaha!We have to thank Nammont (blue shirt) for most of these pictures, as he was the only one that dared to whip his iPhone out every now and then and risk it getting soaked! Most of these pictures are his, thanks Monty. I got some pictures, but not a lot close to the action. My pics are more wide views of the action, targeting nobody in particular.Happy Thai New Year everybody! Pictures of the family trip to Korea soon, I just got back to work and Pae is preparing to go back to work as well soon, along with wedding preparations, we're busy-ish right now ;) Aloha!! Love to all, and again, Happy New Year!!

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