Saturday, April 30, 2011

Small annoyance

Tiny little rant of the day. It's been a while since I've really had a rant on here, I usually save it for tiny snippets on my FB status...micro-rants.

Today, while cleaning my bathroom and folding laundry, I noticed two of our apartment's cleaning ladies pass by my room. They are middle age women, probably in their 50's or early 60's. I've never ever ever ever been satisfied with the quality of their work, which mainly consists of keeping the apartment common areas clean and cleaning rooms of tenants when hired to do so for a small fee.

I'll skip all of the examples of why I think they suck, as far as the quality of their work goes, and get straight to today's annoyance.Before they passed my room, I had thrown away three small bags of trash in the bin at the end of the hallway. The bin was full. The cleaners, whose job it is to empty the bins, sat at the end of the hall for thirty minutes, going through every piece of trash, every envelope, every thrown away credit card statement, every, every, every envelope they opened and read. I stood at my door and watched them. To get a closer look I drank what was left of a 1.5 liter bottle of Coke Zero (that can be seen in the photo below) and went to throw the bottle away, or give it to them to recycle, as they also collect bottles, glass and plastic to recycle once a month.They were sitting there, by three bags already gone through and the rest of the trash strewn all around them. They were seriously reading all of the bills. This is precisely why I always, always, always shred all paperwork that I put in the bin. I'm not being mean, but I do know that this is safer, and today's events only reconfirmed that in my brain. Not only do I rip my bills and letters and other paperwork to shreds, but when it's all sitting in the bottom of the plastic trash bag, I take spaghetti sauce, old soup juice, brown banana peels, pretty much anything nasty and put or pour it all over my shredded docs...I've even squirted Tabasco on my trash before to try to keep people from scavenging and jotting down account numbers if they were patient enough to sit and piece together all of the shredded parts. Paranoid? No way, realistic. Mean? Hell no! It's trash. I even massage the old food into the contents of the trash bag after tying it shut and before throwing it away.The most annoying part for me, since I don't really worry too much about identity theft or invasion of privacy since I go through such anal and seemingly psycho steps to keep them from putting my stuff in a file in the mop closet, was that after they were finished, they didn't even finish their job. They left the bin half full and rubbish strewn all at the end of the hall. Their job is to clean, or to keep the area clean, and they do just the opposite.

As they passed by my room I saw one lady with two small 7-11 bags filled with papers and envelopes, an old cell phone, and two bras. The other lady, whom I think is the laziest person on this Earth (after seeing her "work" for the past 4 years) had three boxes of birth control pills, Yasmin brand and she was opening each box as she walked by, and counting the remaining pills...OMG!!! When I went to take pictures of their mess, there were fully-used packs of birth control pills amongst the strewn about rubbish, so they left the empties behind.Just yesterday I put out a big bag of used clothes, specifically so anybody who saw them at the end of the hall and needed them could take them. Many people do this and I think it's great. One man's old stuff is another man's treasure...that is so true. But, one man's cell phone bill or credit card statement should stay in the trash! I guess people just need to be more careful with their stuff.

Hey, as a kid we used to collect Coke bottles and return them for the ten cent deposit. We would get clothes from wherever, but we didn't collect peoples' personal information!

Okay, now that I'm thinking about it, and honestly, I am guilty of going through people's mail in their trash too!! When I was night guard at an apartment complex just blocks from BYU when I was a student, kids would toss their garbage bags outside on the stairwell, rather than walking 50 meters to put it in the dumpster. There was not telling who's trash it was, so I would tear it open, look for a bill or letter with an address and apartment number, then I would toss the garbage back in front of their door with a note "Throw your garbage in the dumpster, Love, The Management". So, technically I have done similarly, but for a far different purpose...I was actually doing my job...


Beccarigg said...

dude, that is seriously ghetto! Glad you shred and spread crap on your stuff. I'd be doing the same thing too!

Tau said...

That's pretty scary bro...the fact they go through your trash like that and the mess would definitely get to me. I would have a lil talk with da grandmas :)

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