Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not the prettiest hospital

I remember posting a picture of the Philadelphia Hospital close to Pae's apartment a while back, with the ambulance with flat tires. This week we went to the King Hussein Medical Center, a much larger hospital with many more services and was reminded of that photo.

This picture is taken from the hospital parking lot, looking down the hill over part of the city north of 7th and 8th Circle. I honestly don't know the name of the area, it's near the two larger shopping malls in Amman.There were military guards guarding all entrances to the facility, which is several stories high with a separate Maternity Wing. Two things that struck me the most were the darkened hallways on several levels of the hospital that I passed as I was trying to find a working elevator or unlocked staircase after getting lost. It was like in a horror flick, dim light coming from under the doors, but dark, dark hallways.The second thing that I found interesting, other than the good view of the northern part of Amman, was the fence and wire that marked the edges of the hospital grounds. The fences and barbed wire were all ripped up and rusted. I stepped over the wire into the road, and back, and the military dude, with is automatic weapon, just looked at me and did nothing...of course, I was just packing an iPhone. He had live rounds and a couple buddies at the coffee stand by the bus stop!

I just thought it was a little out of place for such dirty, rusty wire to be surrounding one of the city's main hospitals, much less one that carries the King's name. I guess if they sew up all of the cuts and patch up all of the boo-boos, the condition of the outside grounds of the hospital is just peripheral. Perhaps I'm just a spoiled westerner. I guess aesthetics are less important than saving lives.

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