Monday, April 25, 2011

Family Trip to Korea - Wawoojeongsa

I'm always a sucker for big Buddah statues or temples. We stopped off near a small mountain somewhere between Yongin and Icheon where there is a Buddhist temple.The temple is called Wawoo Temple or Wawoojeongsa (Waujeongsa, 와우정사). The temple was built in 1970 and has Buddha statues from many countries including Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, China and India.The temple also claims the largest wooden reclining Buddha in the world, although I thought that was in Thailand. Or Maybe Thai's is not made of wood. Ah, The reclining Buddha at Wat Pho here in Bangkok, at 46 meters in length is the largest in THAILAND, not the world, and it is gold plated, so, definitely not going to win any size contest for wooden statues! Thank you internet and google!Anyway, we walked around the grounds of the temple and saw many different types of Buddha statues, as well as mushroom houses, owls and a bunch or bare-chested warrior looking guys, apparently guarding the Buddhas.I saw some pictures of the mountain when the cherry trees are in full bloom, very pretty, but we were there when the buds were just starting to open, a couple weeks too early.This place was pretty cool, a good hike up the mountain stairs about 100 meters, you know, a good photo opportunity, especially if you're not from a Buddhist country and the Buddhas are still "Ooooooh!" to you (me).

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