Monday, April 25, 2011

Family Trip to Korea - Seoul Tower

Our first night in Seoul brought us to Seoul Tower. I think it's actually referred to as N Tower these days, but I've always known it as Seoul Tower. In 2009, Pae and I started at Hanok Village, a small Korean Cultural village at the base of Namsan, the mountain upon which Seoul Tower is situated. We walked through the mountain forest, up a few kilometers to the tower. The mountain was beautiful and the hiking path was well maintained. We even passed a high school cross country team or P.E. class running up and down the mountain!This year, we bussed almost to the top of Namsan and walked the rest of the way to the tower. This year it was lit in blue. It lit up the sky and could be seen from most places in Seoul if you could find it through the cracks between buildings. It's a good landmark for city explorers.It was a little windy and chilly, but Pae and Mom made good use of their twinner jackets to stay warm! Taking pictures in the dark without a flash is not always the easiest, but we tried anyways and these are the results.Other than the Teddy Bear Museum, the restaurant and the view from the top of the tower, one of the popular things to do there is to leave a lock on the fence. In 2009 we left two "Puppy n Piggy" locks on the fence facing west on one of the main observation decks at ground level. They have since renovated and moved these lock-filled fences to a higher level that wasn't there last time we went.This year, as a family, we all put tour-provided locks on a new span of fence on the second deck. It's obviously a brand new section as our locks are the only ones to be seen and you can actually see the lights of the city below. By spring next year, we'll likely not be able to find our locks, they'll be covered and hidden by thousands of newer ones! It was fun and we took our keys and chucked them over the edge of the deck, never to be found again!This is a romantic date place for boyfriends and girlfriends to symbolically lock in their love! It's definitely best in the evening, with the crisp clean air. They ran out of fence a few years ago and started putting up little iron "trees" for people to stick their locks. They looked goofy in 2009, sparse and empty. This year they looked awesome! I'm surprised they didn't fall over, they were so full of locks!


mardenheyjude said...

I very much enjoyed reading about Korea. I loved the leave a lock on the fence. And also loved the picture of the iron trees with all the locks was awesome. A lot of love locked in those trees. You all did a lot while you were there. What a pretty place. I always think of the Korean War or Conflict as they call it when I hear Korea but to see pictures of the beauty and read about the culture gives me new meaning for the word Korea.

When you and Pae get married what will the ceremony be like? I wish I could be there to see you get married. I reckon it will be a beautiful ceremony. I wish you both much continued happiness in your lives together. Love always,

Pae and Guy said...

Wedding ceremony is going to be very small, not a typicla Christian church wedding and even not super Buddhist as we are not going to have the Monks be a part of the ceremony.

I think the main part lasts only a half hour and is where the elders, family members mostly, pour water on our hands and give us their "blessings"...I'll find out very soon!

We'll post pictures!
Love, Pae and Guy

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