Sunday, April 24, 2011

Family trip to Korea - Nami

Trees, trees, trees! One of the stops on almost any tour from Thailand to Korea is the Island of Nami, a small island in the middle of a river. Popularized by a Korean Drama, people flock to Nami Island during all four seasons.Nami has thousands of trees, many of which are growing in double rows and form little tunnels to walk through. We've only been there at the end of winter and beginning of spring, so the leaves on the trees were either not there yet, or just starting to sprout.I guess since we go in April every time, the April showers haven't had time to bring May flowers, or leaves. But, it's still very beautiful and awesome to look at and be around.Nami has many different species of trees, but the ones that you see on most adverts and in the drama are the giant Meta sequoia. I'm waiting to go during summer or fall, when the canopy of the trees are full of greens or autumn colors. It's gonna be beautiful! Nami also boasts a good number of white pine, white birch, ginkgo trees, cherry trees, tulip trees and many many more!There are ponds, museums, a little train that goes from here to there, cottages, bungalows and other places for tourists to enjoy during their time on the island. We even ran into some furry-eared little squirrel boys there! Curious little buggers, or just looking for food!We spent over an hour on Nami this time around, the first time we spent a lot of time on the train, standing room only, to get there and spent a good half day walking around the island. Both times, not only were there foreign tourists taking the short ferry ride to Nami, but Korean families from all around, spending a weekend day together.I saw kids kicking soccer balls with their dads, grandmas and grandpas riding tandem bikes together down the forest trails, and couples taking a bike break and sharing snacks on a bench beneath the white pines. Lovely place to hang out!The boys shed our jackets before leaving the tour bus and wore t-shirts, P'Nut actually brought his sweater, lucky for him, it was nipply!! The wind was blowing hard, that's what made it so cold! Lesson learned.

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