Sunday, April 24, 2011

Family trip to Korea - The Food

Food seems like a good place to start! Korean cuisine has so many great foods! You can eat them at a Korean restaurant wherever you live, but to get the full taste and Korean food experience I think you have to have it in Korea. You'll get the full flavor, fresh kimchi, the freshest side dishes, and the authentic punuigi or atmosphere!Here's Ttalkkalbi or Chicken Kalbi. Chicken, hot sauce, cabbage, rice and all of the sides and condiments to wrap it in and stuff it in your face with!!Grilled meat is always a favorite! Grilled pork was the food of the day in these pictures. Lots of garlic is also a plus, I just kept asking for more garlic! The most important vocabulary of the day! GARLIC!Before and after, both look awesome. We had to wait for later in the trip, during a "free for all" meal, to get our grilled beef from "bonga" that we had last time, simply awesome beef! The pork held its own though, an occasional chunk of fat, but otherwise, loved it.Here we are stuffing our faces!We also had a Korean Shabu Shabu. I always thought Shabu Shabu was more Japanese, but I guess all places have their kind of Shabu. Thai Shabu is pretty good, basically soup, veggies, meat, and most importantly, sauce. This shabu was average, the tour leader brought Thai shabu sauce hahaha. The highlight of the meal was that the tour company bought Dad a birthday cake since he had an April birthday coming up. Everyone sang happy birthday and ate cake in celebration!Later that evening, after returning to the hotel for the night, the kids taxied out to the Hongik University area and had some after hours Potato bone soup and squid stir fry! And beverages.The ginger chicken stew this time was below average. Last time Pae and I went, the restaurant we chose was one of the more popular ones in Seoul (researched it before our trip). It was great, this time was a tour group joint, with the cooks pumping out below par bowls of tasteless chicken soup. Good traditional meal however, if you go to the right place!One of our last meals in country was Bibimbap or basically rice mixed with sauce and veggies and some meat. The meal also included Bulgogi, another popular dish in Korea. Notice my face in the photo where I'm mixing my Bibimbap...There was a giant raw egg hiding under the shredded seaweed in the Bibimbap. Usually if I don't see the egg, in any dish, I'm fine. But I took a peak under all of the ingredients and saw the gooey white and runny yolk and had to mix it fast so the rice and hot bowl would somewhat cook it, or at least hide it from my sight. Not a big egg eater, especially if I see the runny part...ewwwwwwwww!!

You're probably wondering, "Where are the Bonga photos of the beef bbq?" Yeah, well, we were all so busy eating, none of the six of us even bothered pulling out a phone or camera to take pictures! We had over 6 servings of beef for about 100,00 won! Seafood buffet is also not pictured, king crab legs and tepenyaki steak were the highlights of the meal, ask the boys, they'll probably tell you the free draught beer and wine!Oh, and to be fair, I should also show one of the airplane meals. We flew Business Air (8B) which is a low cost, has a fleet of 2 aircraft (haha) and pretty much flies tour groups back and forth Bangkok or Phuket to Seoul. Teriyaki chicken on the way to Seoul, Pork chops on the way back, The chops were surprisingly awesome.We didn't have too many chances to eat food off of the street, one of the best things about visiting Korea. We did run out of a ginger museum/sales place and grab some tteokbokki and I left a Duty Free shopping hour to walk around and bought some kimbap. Otherwise, we had an icecream at Everland and a Hotteok at Nami Island. Can't complain though! We were never starving, they kept us well fed.


Tau said...

Now I'm hungry...that food looks good.

mardenheyjude said...

Love all that food. Love always,

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