Sunday, April 24, 2011

Family Trip to Korea - The Family

Well, I've been here in Thailand for over four years already, and have known the Hakam family for nearly five years. We've all traveled together before, domestically here in Thailand. I believe we went to Chantaburi together. We also traveled to Laos and Chiang Mai together, but there was always one member of the family missing. Our Korea trip was our first trip out of the country together, all six of us.

I've always felt the family relationship with Pae's family, they're easy to love that way! In two weeks we'll be married, in Ubon, and I guess you can say that we will "officially" be family, but like I said, I feel like we've been family for much longer already!

So, here are the members of the family you'll see in the next couple blogs, and years to come for that matter.Parents-
Every family needs a Mom and Dad. Here are Mom and Dad. Dad retired when I first came to Thailand and Mom is considering early-retiring later this year. Both work or worked for the local government. Dad was a teacher early in his career and a government worker near the end. He worked with the Americans during the Vietnam War and actually met Niel Armstrong (after his moon landing) who was on a USO visit to the camp he was working at! Mom is a trained nurse and has worked with the local government for years, I think she's in more of an administrative position these days.Big Brothers-
Pae has two big brothers, each of them separated by about two years each. Their names are Itthipon and Ukrit, but Thais go more by their nicknames (or play name, cheu len) so I call them Neung and Nut. Pae, being younger, adds "Pee" to the beginning of their names, "pee" representing someone older and "nong" for someone younger. So we call them P'Neung and P'Nut, even though I am older than them. I call them "Pee" cuz I am referring to them as Pae's elder, not my junior...make sense? Haha.

P'Neung, born on New Years day and being the first child, is nicknamed "Neung" meaning "One" (first, one, etc. His real name "Itthipon" means "Influence") He is an engineer or architect, I always confuse the two of them and I feel bad that I don't know...He designed the small apartment that is currently being finished next to their home and works as a government worker in Ubon. The first thing I knew about him before I moved here is that he donated a kidney to his mom when he was in school. My first year here, he always questioned my motives for leaving everything behind (a great job and "American lifestyle") and moving to Thailand. Several years down the road already, and he knows me better and sees Pae and I together and sees that we're both very happy, and he's very happy about that and no longer questions motive or my mental state, haha. He now insists that our lives would be better and easier if we lived in Thailand forever.

P'Nut is the middle child, a couple years older than Pae. Pae and P'Nut have lived together here in Bangkok for many years as they both attended school at the same time. They have many of the same friends from back home here in Bangkok and again, share a room near school. P'Nut is studying law and is hoping to graduate soon. My feeling is that once he graduates, he will try to get back home to Ubon and get a job with the government like Mom, Dad and P'Neung. When we talk about local government jobs, it's kinda like a State job back home. P'Nut is the brother I've been around the most since I live across the hall from their room! P'Nut is the playful brother, P'Neung is the thoughtful one, trying to unravel the universe and our place in it.Us-
I don't think I need to tell you too much about us, since this blog is going on three or four years of sharing who we are and what we do! Pae and Guy, since meeting each other 6 years ago, we've gone from strangers, to friends, bf/gf, to fiance, and in two weeks husband and wife!

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