Saturday, April 30, 2011

Family Trip to Korea - Everland

More Korea posts! Had to take a break- busy with pre-wedding stuff! So, I'd heard of Everland forever, but never did any research on it or even had any desire to go. It turns out that even having only three hours to play and walk around at the Korean theme park, I had a good time.The atmosphere was what I imagine the atmosphere at Disney to be like, with music playing all around, bubbles gently floating in the cool breeze, kids waiting in line for cotton candy, the clickity-clack of roller coaster cars slowly making their way to the top of the tracks and the excited screams of the riders free falling to the bottom!Having only three hours, we had to prioritize our activities. Lines for rides were from one to two hours long, so rides were out of the question. We decided that the flower gardens were a must, and also agreed to go on the short safari ride.On the safari, we saw Lions, Tigers (guess what's next?) and Bears (OH MY!!) The zoo also has several Ligers, and white tigers as well. There were elephants, giraffes, etc. Funny moment: when we drove around one corner, two elephants suddenly appeared, to gasps from the other tourists in our safari bus. It was so loud, their gasps of excitement. Funny. I guess I'm desensitized having lived in Thailand for so long!The Bears did all kinds of tricks; waving, standing, kissing, etc. They were cute. The safari line was over an hour long, but the actual "ride" was less than 15 minutes!! Hahaha, but we had fun looking at the animals.The flowers were starting to bloom as we went in the middle of spring. They had so many tulips and other colorful flowers, iris, pansies maybe? Pae and I are both pretty big on "nature" so flowers are a bonus for us.If you ever find yourself in Korea and have an empty day on your schedule, I think Everland is a decent way to spend a day, especially if you have time to jump on a couple rides, see the animals, flowers and spend time with loved ones!

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