Saturday, March 12, 2011

Seasons Change

I posted this on FB but wanted to put it here as well.This is a collage of Jerash in Jordan, one taken in November (bottom photo) and the other in March (top photo). Such a different feeling. I thought the place was just deserty, dry, plain and kinda boringly scorching. Little did I know, until this week, that spring here brings green grasses and even weeds that bloom with lovely yellow flowers! Glad I made it here for the spring version of Jerash!

Here in Amman, the temperature dipped below zero one night, bringing snow flurries, nothing that stuck though. Froze bones for the past few days anytime we ventured outside in the freezing rain. Back to Bangkok now though, back to warm weather, cheap food, work...home. Not long until Pae joins me there for our wedding and eventually to start our little family in Thailand! Yay!


mardenheyjude said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the outdoor pix. The Roman Army and Chariot ones were very interesting. I would love to have seen the show. But the food pictures, OMG!!! Wonderful to me. I love the food you all get to eat.
Glad you both had time together. Looking forward to hearing more about the wedding. Love always,

Tau said...

Looks like fun. You guys are gonna have bunches of pics from all the travels. Excited to see the pics of the wedding bro. Take it easy.

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