Friday, March 11, 2011

The Roman Army and Chariot Experience

Such a grand name for a show. The actors looked like they were into the parts. They did a good job. The show was a little short, but it was fun to watch and hear and see lots of the stuff that I'd seen in the movie "Gladiator" and the series "Spartacus"On our trip to Jerash we ran into this show in the Roman hippodrome. The hippodrome is where, in the days of the Roman Empire, you many have gone to watch the chariot races or to take in the gladiators running around beating the crud out of each other. Basically, fighting for their lives, to the wild, bloodthirsty cheers of the crowd.The gladiator battles were a little weak, but the actors tried their best. I think I enjoyed the boob dance the biggest, shirtless gladiator did nonstop...hahaha. Marc Uda used to do the boob dance, alternating flexing his pec muscles. Hahahaha.

The show made for some cool pictures, the narrator tried to crack an occasional joke, and the performers were very Arab looking in their Roman armor and ill fitting sandals.The narrator explained some of the tactics of the Roman army as the performers marched across the dirt and sand into position in front of the "spectators".Next, he explained the armor and weapons as well as certain fighting formations and strategies that the Romans would use in battle. Interesting.After the soldiers marched off of the field, three chariots entered and raced around the hippodrome for about ten minutes, with little or no narration. Funny actually that the narrator said almost nothing. We were just watching the horses and chariots running around in circles...or ovals as it were.The chariots finished and the show was over and we got to go down and take some pictures with the guards, gladiators and chariots. Pae has a nice pretty smile on her face as if she's enjoying the fact that she has a blade at her throat! Good times.If you ever go to Jerash and want to see the show, try making a funny face and walking away when the ticket dude tells you that the entrance fee is 12 JD per person. He'll surely give you tickets at half price.

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