Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jerash together

I am in the middle of an unexpected trip to Jordan to spend time with Pae. Her days off fell on days that tickets were sold out except for first class so she couldn't come to Bangkok for her days off.I have school break for two weeks now and we would have both ended up sitting alone at our respective homes so when we found out that Pae couldn't get home for her days off, at about 10PM, I got online and found a ticket from BKK to AMM leaving three hours later, stuffed a bag full of warm clothes and underwear and then got to the airport as quickly as possible!Now I'm here and we are spending Pae's days off in the cold Amman rain, hail and snow, although we didn't see the snow last night.A few days ago, before the precipitation began, we went to Jerash, an old Roman city here near Amman. Pae had been with her roommates before but this was the first time we went together.We were lucky this time because some of the weed flowers have begun to blossom, beautiful yellow fields...I was tempted to run around yelling "poppies, poppieeeees!"The yellow flowers, the city on the hillside in the background and the ancient Roman ruins made for some great pictures. One of these days we'll take these picture with a better camera. We used our old point and shoots along with our iPhone cameras for these pictures.There are a few panoramic style pictures on here which definitely need to be clicked on and zoomed to get the full awesomeness of the scene! Sometimes I wish I was a photographer!There is a Roman "show" that is put on in the hippodrome at Jerash, which we attended. They try to charge 12 JD per person, but when you start to walk away, they try to haggle with you. We ended up paying 12 JD for the two of us...I think...A couple pictures from the show soon as a separate post!Hope you enjoyed the scenery from this post. I enjoyed my time visiting Jerash with Pae, always nice to be together. The flowers were a bonus, I was expecting desert, rocks, stones, and ruins, but the flowers and companionship made it a very nice trip.

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