Tuesday, March 29, 2011

From the supermarket in Amman

Here are a few things from the supermarket here in Amman. I just thought that the cereal was cool, a local Middle Eastern brand. Here in Jordan, not all women wear the "hijab" or head scarf. I'd estimate it at about 50/50. So, I thought it was cool that the company who makes and markets this cereal (Fulla) put pictures of girls both wearing and not wearing the hijab on the boxes of their four different flavors of cereal. Interesting fact about the hijab, among its many definitions is "the veil which separates man from God." (Thank you wikipedia) Sounds a little familiar.This same company makes juice boxes with similar cartoon girls, some with flowing blonde hair, some with playful and colorful hijab, one with a very conservative black hijab and the other a dark haired girl not wearing a head scarf. Again, 50/50, right down the middle. The marketing people have obviously done their homework. Not a branding/marketing strategy for somewhere like Afghanistan though.Piggyback packaging. In Thailand, we get a lot of both food brands, electronics and clothes that have similar logos and packaging to a well known western brand. I won't start naming all of the "fake" brands that do this, they're just blatant about it. While walking through the supermarket, we passed the Pepsi section of the soft drink aisle. If I hadn't been paying attention, I would have easily mistakened this "Proud" soda with the Pepsi. The cans are the same color, have a similar "logo" and even the names of the soda start with "P". Piggybacking off of Pepsi! Good stuff.Nothing really mind blowing about this picture, it's just a bunch of spices. When I say "a bunch" I mean, lots and lots and lots of spices. This photo shows just one side of a four-sided spice island in between the seafood section and fresh vegetables. If you want spices or nuts, this place is the place to come! When you get about three aisles away from the spice station, the smell just hits you like BLAM!!. Its hard to separate all of the different smells, but I can say that it smells so good and for somebody with horrible allergies and sensitive sinuses, this bothers me not. I could just chill by the turmeric and nutmeg all day long!I didn't take too many pictures, just a couple to share today. I had a good sandwich for less than one Dinar yesterday. I got it at a little hole in the wall sandwich shop around the corner from Pae's apartment. They toasted and flattened the sandwiches panini style after stuffing them with all types of odd looking meats and falafel and even french fries. I'll go again tomorrow probably for lunch while Pae is flying. Maybe I'll take some pictures, maybe not. If I do, you'll be the first to see them...however interesting sandwiches might be, hahaha. Good night.

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