Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Foto - March 18, 2011

Here's a photo that I took at the Royal Jordanian head office in Amman. Pae and I had gone there to register me as her travel partner. Entry into most malls and other buildings require passing through security. The security at the airport as well as this building has a separate little room for women to search the bodies of women. The dudes just grab your junk and pat you down in the open. We just grin and bear it. The women get their little room. Is it like this in other places or is this a religious culture thing specific to Muslim countries in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and Brunei? I'm imagining these majority Muslim countries and regions have similar screening procedures.Thailand has a relatively large Muslim population, in fact, where I live has a very high concentration of Thai Muslims and mosques. Yet our airports don't have a separate screening line for women. I'm sure they have a small room for Muslims and for those who request to be patted down by a woman in private, but not "one line for men" and "one line for women."

I just liked this set up because rather than have a room for the women to be searched in, they just made a small booth attached to the wall stuck out to me. Perhaps I just needed a distraction after being groped gently by the medium-sized Jordanian dude. All was good though, it was cold and rainy outside, but his hands were quite warm...(Thankless job it seems. I mean, usually you smile at someone who takes your order at McD's, smile and say thank you to the dude who opens the lobby door at your hotel...but it's a bit strange to smile at each other after a guy just grabbed your man stuff...just a side note)

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