Friday, March 11, 2011

Finally got my shewarma!

Ever since I visited Pae in Amman the first time, I've been wanting to eat some local Shewarma...whatever that is. Ate plenty of kebabs, halal this, halal that, pitas and lots of breads but never got my shewarma.We went to the mall yesterday and although I was craving some Burger King, I walked by this place that looked like it sold Kebabs, and two guys were leaving with a combo plate that looked like a pizza sandwich or something. I asked the dude behind the counter what it was and he said, in my favorite Arab accent, "Shewarma!" "I'll have that" I smiled!Chicken, cheese and mushrooms squished between two pieces of flat bread. It was almost like a panini. I think it was a fast foodish shewarma, can't be too sure since it was my first one ever. I liked it, 4 Jordanian Dinar for the giant plate that I was able to only eat three slices of. Not bad considering everything else here costs an arm and a leg! I reheated some in the oven a while ago, and as with most foods, it was better the second time!Here are some other foods that we ate recently. Just some samples. Lots of the food we eat here that is "local" comes from Turkey or least the style of cooking. Most of the sweets shops and coffee and tea joints seem to be Turkish. Most of the kebab places and regional food seem to be Lebanese.I'm still partial to Thai food, even though I finally got my shewarma! But, if you're ever in Amman, don't be afraid to grab some shewarma **rolls off the tongue! She-warrrr-ma!

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