Sunday, February 27, 2011

Randoms from last week

Last week Pae was in town from Amman and we spent a lot of time making wedding preparations. This included looking for wedding bands, dresses, announcements, gifts, etc.I'll not post any pictures of the dress we chose or the ones Pae tried on. I'm sure it's supposed to be a surprise or something like that. As we made our way around town shopping, we of course had to eat and there was a lot of time where I was pretty much useless so I just messed around snapping goofy pictures. The above photo was taken while messing around in a wedding dress studio, while Pae changed from dress to dress.We initially were in a taxi looking for a wedding dress studio, but we had a hard time finding the address, so we got as close as we thought we could, then relied on the local motorcycle taxi drivers to get us to our appointment.We eat yummy food every time Pae is back in town, and this time we ate a lot of fish, Isaan food, and basically anything and everything we could get our hands on! We did however fail to indulge in our usual banana split, but we did buy a donut and have mochas and green teas at Starbucks.We also got a picture of the "Elephant Building" near my school. I have plenty of pictures of it, just never have really posted any here (to my recollection at least), so here you go! It's a pretty cool building, shaped obviously like an elephant, even with a black tail, tusks, eyes, ears and the whole shebang.And of course, from one of our favorite seafood places near home, one of our typical dinners. Clams, curried soft-shelled crab, spicy seafood salad and papaya salad with mixed seafood. Not pictured is the awesome crab fried rice.There will be more pictures eventually, the preparations are keeping us on our toes even though we're only planning for a very small wedding. Wish you all could be there, but that's what blogs are for right! So Pae and I can share our special day with those far far away! Can't wait! Love you all.

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Tau said...

food looks crazy good bro...i bet they have some good seafood. good luck with all the plans.

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