Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bad day at the barber

What used to be a weekly ritual has turned into an "every-two-month-or-so" annoyance. Haircuts.

The only reason I even get haircuts anymore is cuz I can't stand having to "deal with" my hair!! By the same token though, I'm a little past the military hair days. So often I'm just stuck in the middle when it comes to telling the barber what I want. I often just say, "Do whatever dude" with my piss poor Thai language ability and he usually whips up something neutral.

Today I cruised in and he asked and I told and he said a new word..."Soi mai" and I gave him a confused look. Soi? That sounds like "road" so I thought he was asking if I wanted a part in my hair. So I said "No" of course. "Short on the side and not so short on top." Now, after my haircut, I think "soi" means "trim" hahahaa. So he slapped a Number 1 guard on the razor and Vwwuuump. What can you do? He pretty much did exactly what I said haha. It'll grow back!! Here is a before and after.Recent comments:

Teacher friend: "You look like Ivan Drago."

Pae: "It's so damn ugly!"

Pae: "Your hair is gay, you have gay hair!"

And it's only been an hour since I returned from the barber! Hahahaha. I probably should have kept it long until right before our wedding, and then figured out what to do with it then! Again, it'll grow back ;)


Naomi Hanks said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAHA!...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!...Ummm, it's not that bad dude. :) And I wouldn't really call it "Gay" Maybe a little "Metro" though. He HE! Don't worry brother, it will grow back!

Tau said...

Gay hair! Hahahaha...I like Pae's comment the best.

Beccarigg said...

HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH! You have gay hair!! Best comment ever!! Try taking prenatal vitamins, they make your hair grow faster lol!

mardenheyjude said...

OMG!!!! How can you walk around like that. hahahahaha You should try to flatten it down so it doesn't look so drastic. Also you better take a refresher course in Thai,or better still bring Pae with you the next time. Maybe you should get yourself a nice hat to wear for a short time. hahahahah
Love always, Auntie

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