Friday, January 28, 2011

Random school photos from January 2011

You see it everywhere you go these days, people snapping pictures with their phones. I whip out my iphone every now and then at school and take a snapshot of random moments. Here are some of those times, some of those pictures, some of that randomness.Teacher Kenneth is apparently having a really bad Monday. But a quick nap seems to always help.T. Guy having fun with a marker top shaped like a little cartoon head. Don't know why this was so much fun for me.Yok made a funny face for the camera during a recent fire drill. I did her one better and messed her face up more on my phone!Yeah, so the Girl Scout hat doesn't really fit my big adult head! I stole this from BaiPat when she was crawling under her desk. Don't ask why she was under her desk? Something with her and NamPeung lately, NamPeung actually sits under her desk until class starts. Reminds me of building forts in the living room when we were kids.And, for my greatest feat in thievery...after eighth period, Snooker stole my iPhone from my desk while I was teaching extra class. I noticed it missing after about 3 minutes and sneakily grabbed her Blackberry (yes fifth graders have Blackberries). I tried to turn it on, but there was a password. Knowing my students as well as I do, I keyed in the name of her favorite band...PRESTO!!! I was in. So I took this crazy photo without her knowing and posted from her account to her Facebook! hahah! Bad teacher!!

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mardenheyjude said...

It sounds like you have a funny group of kids that love to clown around at times and it looks like, from the pictures,you are really trying to teach them "goofy Guy faces". haha
The kitty cat is so cute. Quite the "watch cat" indeed.
Love always, Auntie

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