Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last week's food for non Facebookers

I posted these pictures on Facebook earlier this week when Pae and I got back from a quick trip to Hua Hin. I'm putting these here for those who don't Facebook, especially for Auntie Judy!! Just wanted to make your mouth water!

I've been stuck in a food rut ever since I got back from Jordan. I stopped working out, and thus stopped eating my normal "on-the-way-home" street meals usually heavy in protein and green vegetables. I've since lost weight and become skeleton face again...Some people used to call me Skeletor after the skull-faced villain from He-Man.

Anyway, Pae had her annual leave and spent a week in Ubon and three days in Bangkok and Hua Hin. These are pictures of a couple of the meals that we shared during those few days together.The day Pae returned from Ubon to Bangkok, I had the above meals between work and home, lunch and dinner. Very uncommon for me lately to actually go out and sit at a place and eat a decent meal, but I was excited and had to get used to eating again! The above picture is Yam Wun Sen or glass noodle salad with pork, Larb Muu (ground pork salad) with some southern dish on rice, and Pad Kana Muu Krob (fried Chinese broccoli with crispy pork).Above is our meal at Chatuchak Market at our favorite little food stand there. Larb Muu again, two types of clams, steamed and sauteed, and of course Tom Yam Goong!Hua Hin, being a beach city, is a great place to eat seafood. Our first few hours there, after checking into our free hotel (still had some points left), we spent walking the beach and grabbed a "snack". Above is that snack, Som Dam Goong (papaya salad with shrimp) and Yam Wun Sen Talay Ruam Mit (Glass noodle salad again but with seafood instead of pork).Our Saturday meal, after we missed our breakfast at McDonald's (lazy), was at a small place we eat at almost every time we go to Hua HIn called Sawasdee Restaurant. We munched on some shrimp fried rice, Tom Yam GOong again, Sauted beef with mushrooms, FRENCH FRIES hahahaha, just had a hankerin', and Yam Wun Sen Talay Ruam Mit again!!! I've been hooked on that for the past week for some reason, spicy, spicy, spicy mixed with sour.Pae got a call from Pond and P'Jack while we were eating at Sawasdee. They were in town for a couple days to visit the beach with our friends Marc and Nammont. They stopped by teh restaurant, we gulped down the rest of our food and went to Khao Dao near the beach and ate seafood outside of P'Jack's family's home. The guy kinda raised P'Jack as a kid although he isn't his real dad, from my understanding. He is a fisherman and cooked us some crab, mussels, shrimp and squid that he had caught that same morning!We also grabbed our first Thai Lobster at the Hua Hin Night Market. Small touristy length of street set aside for an evening market for tourists, prices are for foreigners as well. You could get the same food 19 kilometers up the beach in Cha-am for half the price. Cha-am is where Thai people flock to during vacations and school breaks. With the lobster, we had crab fried rice and the old stand by cashew nut chicken. I wanna say there was another dish, just all blends together sometimes though! On the way back to the hotel we grabbed smoothies, fruits and miniature pineapples. The last picture is actually a little deceiving...it wasn't dessert, not a grand finale. It was actually the first thing we ate when we got off of the van when we got to Hua Hin. Just had to go to the bathroom so we bought a banana split so we could use the Swensen's bathroom! And of course so we could set the tone for the weekend!!


mardenheyjude said...

The "sniff kiss" is awesome. What a nice way to show affection.
And the food, OMG!!! Mouth watering without a doubt. I especially love the seafood. Shrimp, Lobster, Crab, mussels, and steamers, I can taste them as I write. And the banana split, I would have eaten that first as well.
Well, let me go finish my bologna and cheese on whole wheat. haha Not very exciting eats today in Roslindale. Thanks for sharing. Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

Yes Auntie, I'm not usually big on fish, but I'm getting used to eating it here. Other seafood though I'm loving. Reminds me of eating blue crab in Florida and sucking clams fresh from the sandbar.

By the way, when you mentioned your bologna sandwich and it's lack of excitement...I imagined eating it fried, with lots of mustard for brunch...WOWOW, haven't had that for a long time! I might go buy some bologna tonight! So, for me, it sounds exciting!! Love you!

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