Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My homeroom class

In the English Program here at my Bilingual School, we teach from 1st to 6th grade, considered Primary School here (Elementary School). Our Kindergarten is less than a kilometer down the street.

Each of us foreign teachers is assigned a homeroom class, basically where our desk is and where we can be harassed by the students when we are trying to get work done. I am the fifth grade homeroom teacher, or at least my name is on the door and I have a desk there!

Our fifth graders number 16-17 strong, depending on who's quitting the program, going back to Australia, or just sick and absent for a semester. The photo below is our English Program 5th grade class. They are in their Cub Scout and Girl Scout uniforms, here lumped all into one organization just called "Scouts". Different from scouting back home in many ways yet connected I'm sure somehow.

We have two boys in our class, G.M. and Klao. Prem, the boy next to me in the photo was transferred by his father to our Standard Program about a month ago. The rest of the class is all girls. Even have a set of twins, Wan and View...I don't call them by name, cuz I can't tell who's who and they're always messing with the seating arrangement so I can't memorize by seating!! I just yell "TWIN!" and point at one of them and smile!

The girls are both girly and tom boyish at at the same time as there don't seem to be any clear gender roles established within the predominantly female classroom. They spend all of their time together teasing about boys and forgetting that our two "gentleboys" are sitting among them during their girl talk. Then, straight from girl talk, they'll break into talking about computer games, Speed Stacks, mud fights and dog poo and pretty much all the normal 10 year old boy things. It's funny, because our sixth grade girls are the total opposite,the epitome of pre-teen girls, giggling, whispering, blushing. We'll see if this bunch suddenly changes once the hormones start kicking in.From the front row left: Pear, Amy, TWIN, Zoom, NayNay, Ploy, Tomm. Middle Row: G.M., Prem, T. Guy, T. Bik, Klao. Top row: June, Bright, Nuna, April, Snooker, GungGing, TWIN.And what would any class photo be without a class clown? Actually, Zoom and Snooker tend to fill the clown role quite well at times, but as they've started this semester to develop crushes on some of the 6th grade boys and don't want to look like goofy idiots in front of their love interests, I've had to pick up the slack!

Well, that's my homeroom class

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Naomi Hanks said...

That second picture is probably one of my favorite pictures EVER! So funny! So CHRIS!

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