Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hate the Jacket!

I put a lot of pictures of the kids on the blog, but rarely post any of the teachers. Today, walking back from lunch at a small food place across from the school, I noticed the "announcement board" in front of the school. The glass-enclosure contains a sort of class structure and hierarchy of school administrators, etc.I remember last year we had to put on this goofy looking pearl colored blazer and take photos for the board. Fashion lacking....horrible photos that we still cringe at today! Here they are, even though I don't want to share, I figured I would just for poops and giggles! Here are some of the teachers from the English Program at our school.1- Mary (Philippines) 3rd grade Science/Math/English
2- Belle (Philippines) 1st grade Science/Math/English
3- Malcolm (Scotland) 4th-6th grade English
4- Gob (Thailand) 4th grade homeroom
5- Guy (America) 4th-6th grade Science
6- Joseph (Philippines) 2nd grade Science/Math/English
7- Pik (Thailand) 5th grade homeroom
8- Kenneth (Denmark) 1st-6th grade Health
9- Gai (Thailand) 6th grade homeroom

Our Math teacher for 4th-6th grade is not pictured as he was not here last year for the lovely jacket photo op. He is a Filipino gentleman who goes by Ariel. There are also other Thai teachers who's photos I didn't include, but these are the main ones that I deal with on a semester basis, they are actually rarely in my classes as they have other classes to teach as well.


Naomi Hanks said...

Hate to say it, but that jacket is pretty ugly! That's OK though because the picture of you and Pae at the top of your blog is AWESOME!

Sarah said...

Camel picture is super awesome. I hate the jacket too, makes you look like a teacher or something :) Weird. Miss you guys. I heard a rumor you might get out here next year. Keep me posted. We'd love to see you.

Tau said...

Bro you make that jacket look good...thought I'd even out the comments.

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