Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cost of living?

Okay, I need a little help here! Since I've been living in Thailand, the past four years, I've gotten used to Thai prices and the Thai cost of living in Bangkok. I live in an area with a high concentration of students, so the accommodation here is relatively cheap. Of course, I say "cheap" as a person who most recently was paying over $800 per month for a shared apartment with my own small room and shared common areas. Now I live in a little square studio apartment about the size or a normal bedroom. The cost of the apartment is relative, cuz I now make around one seventh of the salary I was making as an accountant in Boston.

So, Pae and I were shopping last night for stuff for her to take back to Amman with her when her days off are over. I was looking at stuff that I could buy and cook or eat and ran across a bunch of stuff that I would have normally just tossed in my grocery cart without thinking twice. But here, in Thailand, perhaps because of import taxes, these things are out of my reach money wise. I can pay for them, but it seems ridiculous to pay the prices they are asking for such products. I took some pictures and was wondering how much these products run you in the States. A little help?

Okay, before we start, the exchange rate here between the Thai Baht (THB) and the dollar (USD) is about 30 THB to 1 USD.Two pounds of cherries? How much would this cost? Here in Thailand it runs you about $30 (30 USD)!!!Does anyone often pay $20 for a pound of strawberries? These are "long-stem strawberries" but who eats the stems? hahahaha!!Is $7 for a can of cheese spray spread sound reasonable? From what I remember, you'd normally spend about $3.00 or something like that right?A little sparkling apple or grape cider anyone. Martinelli's of course! On sale in Thailand, $5.66 this sounds a little more normal.What's better than SPAM!!??? Well, SPAM on sale of course! Three bucks back home? Here , right around $5.00.My favorite Ocean Spray flavor? Cran-Grape rocks, but it's hard to pay $6.25 for a bottle when I can get something half as good for 1/5th the price.Microwave meal that can sit on the shelf at home until I want or need to eat it? Hormel Compleats! Perfect for Thanksgiving here in Thailand, Turkey and dressing!! Cost you a little over a five-spot!

Anyone give me some hints as to how much some of these things would cost in the area where you live? I'm sure there are some price differences depending on regions (Hawaii for example). And, if you had to cut, for example, a $100 food budget down to say...$18, would you pay these prices? My answer up front, I don't, although a cup of Cran-Grape to wash down some SPAM musubi would be awesome right about now!


mardenheyjude said...

Very expensive to eat in Thailand. Here are some of the prices at our local grocery store her in Roslindale for the food you mentioned.
Cherries are about $8.00 per pound which is expensive.
Strawberries are more resonable at $4.99 per pound. (includes organic))
Easy Cheese (spray cheese) will run you $4.49
Martinelli's apple or grampe cider cost $2.29 a bottle.
Spam is $2.29 to $3.39 depending on the size of the can.
Ocean Spray Cran-grape is $1.99 a bottle. (64oz.)
Hormel Compleats sell for $2.69.

How can you eat Spam? All the other stuff is good eating but Spam. Yuk!!!!

What kind of food do you buy to eat?
Does candy cost a lot in Thailand? Do they sell Kraft Dinner, peanut butter and jelly, and stuff like that?

How do you save any money when everything is so expensive.
Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

Thanks Auntie for the New England price index! Save money? What's that? Haha, like I said, there are some things that I just don't buy. Otherwise, eating here in Thailand is so cheap it's crazy! You go to a Thai restaurant in Boston and pay $9.95 for some Americanized Pad Thai...I go to the street corner and get some whipped up before my eyes for $1.00. Eating her is cheap.'s a Hawaiian thing!! I LOVE SPAM BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER!!! LOve you!

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