Friday, November 19, 2010

Hammamat Ma'in and Mt. Nebo

As the girls' three days off together came to an end, they decided to head up and over past Madaba to Hammamat Ma'in and Wadi Mujib. Wadi Mujib was their main destination, but lucky them, the park had closed for winter that very day that they went to see it! Super bad timing!Their taxi driver slash tour guide took them instead to Hammamat Ma'in (Ma'in Hot Springs) and also to Mt. Nebo, which as Pae was surprised to find, wasn't really a "Mountain mountain" hahaha. I had no idea either!I had just heard the name Mt. Nebo in relation to the Bible and Moses, but that's about all I knew, not even any details! I mean, Moses to me is Red Sea and Ten Commandments. Now I can add Nebo to the mix! Mt. Nebo is said to have been where Moses spent his latter years (he lived to 120 years old, wow!) and where he saw "The Promised Land". This collage shows a Memorial to Moses as well as the Serpentine Cross.Pae taught me, according to her readings online, that Mt. Nebo and surrounding hotels were actually a target of Osama bin Laden at the turn of the millennium. We both found this interesting. At the time, turning from 1999 to the year 2000, the hotels and resorts were packed in the area by Christian "pilgrims". Luckily that attack was foiled, most likely by counter terrorist agents, CIA, etc. From Mt.Nebo the girls were able to look over into Israel, past the Dead Sea and past or through Palestine...wherever that really is. It is said that both Jerusalem and Bethlehem can be seen on less hazy days as well. Here are some pictures where you can almost make out the Dead Sea and the far bank. The Ma'in Hot Spring (I actually like typing "Hammamat Ma'in" much better, feels better on the fingers!) was in or at a hotel/resort...apparently built around the super hot water springing up from the earth.The next photo is totally random!! Pae said that around the area there were so many bugs/flies. She said it was useless to try to shoo them away, so she just let them all land on her, here is that photo!! Hahaha.As for Hammamat Ma'in, King Herod is said to have frequented the spring and John the Baptist was beheaded in the nearby village of Makawer. Cool stuff!I'm happy that Pae had a chance to hang out with her roomies, happy that she is taking advantage of being in Jordan and seeing some of the historic sites as well as nature while she is there. Today Pae has a turnaround flight to Frankfurt, safe flight!!


mardenheyjude said...

Wadi Murjib? Is that what is referred to as the Grand Canyon of Jordan? I think I have heard of that, but not sure. I have also heard of Mt. Nebo from Bible teachings. I always pictured it as this big old mountain. I love reading about this. It is like visiting the places myself. Keep the pictures and dialog coming. I am also surprised to hear about the target of Osama bin Laden being Mt. Nebo. Love always, Auntie

Beccarigg said...

What a cool sight seeing adventure! It's so crazy that she's visiting all these places I'll probably never see in person. What an amazing opportunity. Loved the
bug pic too, made me laugh : )

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