Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Foto - November 26, 2010

This weekend I have a softball tournament that I'm excited to play in. I recently started playing in the Bangkok International Softball League (BISL) which gives me something to do on weekends and a new group of people to interact with.

My team has, so far, lost all four of our games, but we should have won two of them with another one really close. Our team has many school teachers, embassy personnel and even a DEA agent. We are a decent group of players, but our bats have only come alive for two of the four games so far, but the other teams have just been a little bit better/luckier.

We're guaranteed two games on Saturday, with more if we win and win and keep winning. We play at the polo grounds in Bangkok as well as an international school farther away on some weekends.

Two weeks ago I injured my thigh, quadriceps muscle. It has pained me for two weeks and I hope that has responded to my laziness and stretching. I've pretty much tried to heal it with Tylenol and sloth on the advice of one of my teammates :)

Today's Friday Foto is from one of the fields that we play on. I love to be in the grass in the outfield. I just hope this weekend I can be out there less gimpy than last weekend! If i start limping around out there, coach will probably put me behind the plate, catching. Fighting!!


mardenheyjude said...

Good luck in your weekend tournament. Hope your injury does not get worst. Do you have a team name? Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

Auntie, our team name is Rajawongse, the name of our sponsors (a Bangkok suit maker).

My leg is fine, mostly because our team couldn't come up with enough players, many guys went home for the Thanksgiving holiday or were travelling. Our team has a lot of embassy workers, DEA agents, teachers, etc. So we ended up forfeiting our games as we didn't have a team. Sad, anti-climactic and now is winter break so no more games until January. <3

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