Friday, October 1, 2010

Some pictures from school

Here are just some random photos I've taken over the past semester from school. Today is Finals Day number one for the kids, Monday they will have the second day of finals, which includes science and math. Makes for a fun weekend of studying for them. Actually, based on some of the results, a fun weekend of not studying is probably more accurate and realistic!!This picture is of a couple kids that I have on Fridays after school. They are fourth graders and we usually review some of the science we studied during the week. Nampeung, on the left, is in love with "Humpty" the puppet, who is very skilled in Tae kwan do. Long legs you know! The other two are the class sweethearts, OC and BaiPat, even though they don't realize it yet...they are attached at the hip and are best little buddies.Humpty and Teacher Guy prepare for a lesson.Above is my after school class from Monday to Thursday. In the photo are Nine who nicknamed himself "Ninestein" because he thinks he's smart, GungGing, Zoom, Nuna and in the back, the quiet Seng. They range from fourth to sixth grade so it is sometimes difficult to manage the difference in ability, but today's activity was concerning "buoyant force", so as we experimented with buoyancy I was able to tailor the learning to all three levels and they "got it". Lucky. I guess that's why activities go over better than just lectures sometimes...hands on.I often give treats as reward or prizes for some of the games we play after school. Today's prize, ChocoPie!! Ninestein and Nuna have very similar "physiques", personalities, outgoingness and attitudes towards their studies. I call them twins and they hate it, but you can count on them always blurting out the same idea, always snacking on something, always thinking about food...they are like two peas in a pod, seriously!I occasionally (translation- third time in three years) venture up to the upper floors of our school. The first floor is the cafeteria and offices, second floor is the English Program (my program). Above that, the next three or four stories are where the students from our Extra Program and Standard Program study. I see the faces of the kids around the campus, but never teach them unless they enroll in my after school class. Here are some of the boys from the Extra and Standard Program. I didn't notice the kid flipping off the camera the first time I looked at the photo! "The bird" isn't as understood here at their's just something they see in pictures or on western t.v.

Finals on Monday, grading finals, preparing assessments and report cards...assuming everyone passes, I'll be off to Jordan the night of the 5th, arriving in Amman the morning of the 6th!! Yay!

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mardenheyjude said...

The kids are just adorable. They all seem to love the camera. They like to pose for the pictures. You really do have fun with your kids.
Have a great vacation in Amman. You deserve it. Love always, Auntie

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