Saturday, October 9, 2010

Quick pix before I go out for the day

My first and second days in Amman were spent near home. I did wander around the area by myself as Pae was doing her thing. I found several places that Pae always mentions when we talk, shopping places, malls, restaurants, etc. It was kinda like my own personal treasure hunt, trying to find as many places, on foot, as I could before Pae got home!I accidentally wandered to a hilltop where I could see two malls sitting on their own little hills about 2-3 kilometers away. I walked to Mecca Mall, explored the stores inside, and took pictures of all of the American stores and restaurants inside. Almost no places in the food court sold middle eastern food, funny huh? Cinnabon, BK, McD, Sbarro...had I closed my eyes I could have felt like I was in an American mall. Western shops as well, Forever 21, Claire's, Body Shop, pretty much filled the mall.I visited a supermarket on the ground floor of Mecca Mall called Miles. It reminded me of Dean and Deluca in NY. I was again surprised to see many U.S. brands of pretty much everything. I was very happy to look down at one point and see a link of Hillshire Farms polish sausage (non pork). WOWOWOW now I can make Guy's world-famous kielbasa, potato and onion breakfast! I reached down to pick it up...I then saw the price sticker...8 Jordanian Dollars...or roughly 11 US dollars!! Lets just say, no yummy breakfast, we'll stick with ramen noodles!!Miles did have a couple nice pork alternatives though. They eat a lot of lamb here...and they apparently eat THE WHOLE LAMB!! Feast your eyes on, as the sticker clearly states, LAMB BALLS.Here is a pretty much stock photo of the city layout here, with the sandy colored buildings and homes built into the hills, same color, same square windows.Here is a picture of a lonely looking road, not too interesting really, but it has the residue of the last big sand when it snows and days later there are the dirty snow medians and sides of the it is sand in the medians and in the gutters. If the sand and dust doesn't kill my allergies, this plant certainly will. It is filled with cottony stuff that floats around in the air.I've met two nice people so far since arriving. Not saying that Jordanians aren't nice, they just don't wear their happiness on their sleeves like I do, smiling at all passers by..."eye-greeting"...When I do that here, they look at me like they want to shove me in a garbage bag and sink me to the bottom of a river...women and men alike. One taxi driver was very kind to us as well as a worker in an accessories shop in Mecca Mall.

The mall was also filled with Filipinas and other S.E. Asian women who work as nannies and maids. They were following their bosses, taking care of kids, helping the disabled. They all looked very scared. Many of them wore Muslim head dress, more than likely Indonesian or Malaysian, but they could also be Filipinas and the boss requires them to wear the head dress...or they are Filipinas from the southern Philippines where there is a larger Muslim population, much like in Thailand.Pae's vacation (requested days off- ROFF) begin today or yesterday, hahaha, so we may venture farther away from home...Doesn't matter to me, I'm not a tourist here, I'm with Pae. As they say, "Home is where the heart is"...I'm home.

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