Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Foto - October 22, 2010

Pae got her first London flight a couple days ago, I was still in Amman actually. As a flight attendant, I think, having destinations where you have never been must be exciting. Even though her layover in London was only a night, she still had the evening of arrival and the morning after to explore a little. She saw the London Eye and Big Ben, but didn't take pictures.Quickly she ate, guess what...Fish and Chips...English food if ever there was an official English food. She shopped the next day before heading back to Amman. Pae said it was cold, she wore double long sleeves, which is odd for a Thai since Thailand is always hot! But shopping for fur-lined winter boots, and buying them, promises to probably double her wardrobe, cuz we all know that you can't just buy the boots, you have to accessorize around them!! This is a picture of her in her warm clothes during her quick shop around town.

I love you baby, Paris later this week, I hope the labor strikes don't affect your travels, we'll wait for pictures!

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Naomi Hanks said...

Hey Guys! I loved all your posts. I'm so glad you guys got to spend time together and I'm totally jealous that you got to go to the "Indiana Jones" place! That's neat that Pae gets to see so many cool places in the world and although she might not have a lot of warm clothes in her wardrobe, she looks SUPER cute in her little coat and who knows...she might need it someday when she comes to visit everyone in Utah. Wish I could see the boots too :)

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