Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Work Pictures

Here are a couple pictures of Pae and me at work. Neither one of us really have a lot of photo opportunities, but sometimes there is time between passengers or for me random people come taking pictures during a class.This first picture is of my fourth graders. The fourth grade homeroom teacher "Gop" (Thai translation is Teacher Frog) took this picture after the students got back from a field trip. The kids had just returned to school from a technology museum and were telling me about all of the cool things they saw. They were all wearing 3D glasses, but had nothing to look at, they just liked looking at everything in red and blue.

I wanted to show them that Teacher Guy was cool too, so I whipped out my iPhone really fast, searched and downloaded, in a matter of seconds, a 3D photography application! I took some pictures of them with the app and let them look at themselves in 3D. I was pretty much the coolest teacher on campus...until I gave them vocabulary homework...then they were back to their usual selves!!This next photo was taken on Sports Day last year. I was Yellow Team (obviously). I think we got whooped on the day as a whole, but in the main event (chairball) we destroyed the "competition"!! That's all that matters...CHAIRBALL. The two Thai teachers to my right are Teacher Kwan, my homeroom three years ago, and Teacher Bik, my homeroom this year. I don't even have a clue who my homeroom teacher was last year! Haha, some woman who sat in the corner of the classroom and whimpered and talked to herself all year...wonder where she's gone? Two semesters, don't even know her name...amazing.I've posted plenty of training pictures of Pae in the past, but lately she's been flying more and more. I'm glad that she had a spare moment to snap this picture, because I really like it. I believe she has shed her jacket and is wearing her service apron. I can see a couple people in the front of the aircraft (an Embraer 95, smaller short haul aircraft) but I'm not certain if they are boarding, deplaning, or cleaning staff in between flights. I think it was a Kuwait flight with very few passengers.

Story to share about Pae's last flight. Her chief during the flight, told her to sit in an empty passenger seat during takeoff from Dubai. Pae said that she saw the Burj Khalifa, the mammoth building that is now the tallest in the world, standing around 828 meters tall! She said it was a monster, something that you never expect to see in this world. I think seeing something like that from the ground would be cool, but having flown several loops around Manhattan waiting for permission to land once, the city from the sky is so different than from street level. One day she'll be able to look up at the Burj...but this week, she flew above it, looked down, and was amazed. She also said that she saw one of the man-made island complexes, the one shaped like the world map...pretty cool huh? Now, that's one that you must see from above...I'm sure it just looks like a bunch of little islands from ground level...from the sky though, it's true shape reveals itself!

I always look forward to hearing her stories of flights, passengers, cultural differences, etc. She enjoys her job, I enjoy my job. We miss each other. We have our rough days, especially when both worlds, personal life and work life combine against us, but we make it through and grow through our experiences, our trials and errors, our accomplishments and achievements. It's life and we're living it!

Pae will fly to Bangkok soon for a few days...I am looking forward to some much needed hugs!


mardenheyjude said...

Nice pictures of both of you at work. The dialog is most interesting, especially when you talk about the aps on your iPhone as well as the places and things that Pae has seen both on the ground and in the air. What a wonderful relationship you both have with one another. Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...


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