Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pae's first BKK flight operating

Pae was in town this weekend. She worked the Amman to Bangkok to Hong Kong flight which meant she was able to be in town for two nights. Although she was pretty tired from working the long flights, we were able to enjoy time together, eating, talking, watching tv, shopping and just basically living "life as usual" or at least how life used to be when we both lived here in Bangkok at the same time!We won't be able to spend her birthday together, which is the same day as our "engagement anniversary" so I got to do some birthday shopping on the weekend while she was operating her Hong Kong flight!She also got to do some Duty Free shopping and I got some great skin care set from Clinique and some handheld shower (cologne) as well as a huge bag of coconut chocolates from Jordan! I eat them instead of going to the gym...an awesome alternative when I'm lazy!I really enjoyed having Pae home and just knowing that she is so close. I love sharing the remote. I love not eating ramen noodles alone. I love seeing her flight attendant uniform hanging, ready to fly. I love picking her up at the airport and seeing her come out of customs in her bright reddish uniform and little black hat! I love holding hands during the taxi ride back home and love enjoying giant homecoming meals of double the food we usually eat, food that she has craved!I'll put up some pictures, from FB, of our eating exploits! I just like seeing the crabs...almost as much as I enjoy EATING them!!

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