Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things at school

I ran around several floors of my school today snapping pictures with my phone camera for the kids to play a form of "treasure hunt". I found some pretty fun things and got some pretty nice shots, especially for a camera phone!This little guy is a tissue dispenser in our school nurse office. Very yellow!This is a sign in our library. It is supposed to be a person giving the "shhhhhh" signal with the hand over the pursed lips...Instead, it looks like a person picking her nose!The principal loves to shout through a megaphone...I found her stash in a little room where they keep school uniforms!My dusty laptop keyboard in my homeroom fifth grade class. If I'm not teaching, I'm sitting there! I just liked this picture so now you are forced to look at it too!Here's a different view of the rope ladder on our playground. Again, taken with a camera phone, so not the best but still pretty cool! Amazing we can carry around our internet, our camera, our phone, our everything all packed up in a small little phone...This little dude is a recycling project one of the kids did and is on display in our library...I think someone wanted to "reuse" rather than "recycle" whatever the nose was made of though!And last but not least, HULA HOOPS! My favorite picture of the bunch! I think the kids decorated them with metallic foil...The color is pretty cool though! Well, nothing super exciting in this post, just sharing some of the cute things I found for the kids to search for during our game!

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