Wednesday, August 4, 2010

School daze

This week at school the kids had midterm exams. My sixth graders were tested on things including the life cycles of different types of animals, anatomy, functions of body systems, etc. The next day in class, I was looking at the rain clouds outside our class window...just staring at nothingness really.My eyes started to glaze over and sight shortened...probably falling asleep standing up honestly...but at that moment, looking out the window, I noticed these little bugs and their least that's what the kids decided it was. They were just hanging out on the outside of the window.The kids gathered around and observed the eggs and what they figured were the adults. Heck, they could have been just hatched, but we decided they were too large and that they probably would have all hatched at the same time if they were babies. The eggs are still there but the insects are long thanks to the kids flicking and thumping and tapping the glass!After school (off subject) kids like to grab ice cream downstairs. I got this cute picture of three siblings..two of whom are my students. Left to right are Boon- 6th grade, Bright- 5th grade and Best- 2nd grade (I think...not my student). Just the fact that they are eating ice cream together is cute already, but Bright bought an orange Popsicle and broke it in half and shared it with her little brother Best. Their lips were all orange. Boon, was munching his way through a flower-shaped ice was hilarious...he didn't care that all of his friends were eating TRANSFORMER Popsicles or Ben10 cones...he was just delighted, eating petal by petal, smiling ear to ear! Just had to share this picture.

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mardenheyjude said...

You must have a great time teaching these children. They are all so cute and probably a blast to be with. Love always, Auntie

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