Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pae Graduates RJ Flight Attendant Training!

It's been a very long few months for Pae and for everyone back home as well. More for Pae though as she has been under tremendous stress during her training with Royal Jordanian Airlines.Today she went to what she thought was her penultimate day of training, but it turned out the be her final day as well as graduation day!Pae will kill me for sharing this next bit. I promised her, as she passed many of her exams with perfect scores, that I would not post on facebook...and I never did! But now I'm posting her great achievement here! Pae, over the course of a month of safety exams, demonstration exams, hazardous materials exams, evacuation and ditching exams, equipment (different airplane types) exams, and exams about exams (even bomb making and hijacking believe it or not!)...ranked second (2nd) in her class of 24 trainees!!! She told me that she had tears in her eyes when she heard her name as second in class and received her certificate/diploma. She worked so hard...she struggled alone at times...She can do hard things!!In these pictures, the top three trainees along with those with birthdays in July and August are cutting the cake! Number 1 and Number 2 on either side of the man in the middle! I'm so proud of Pae for working so hard, tirelessly, to the top as she did. I'm grateful to the people who supported her in her challenges the past two months. I can't wait for a visit so I can give her a congratulatory hug and an "I love you so much" hug.Finish your cake beautiful, next up...fly fly fly! Be safe baby!! I love you!

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