Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day Before Friday Foto

Sorry folks, this picture just couldn't wait for Friday! I was watching Al-Jazeera news about some elections or protests somewhere in the African sub-continent or thereabouts...okay, the t.v. was just on in for background noise as a silent room gets lonely.I looked up when I heard this doped-up sounding voice and saw this "area-expert" giving an interview...they interviewed this woman for like ten minutes! Is the "Beverly Hillbilly" look coming back The hair's not all that bad, a little Jennifer Aniston meets Medusa...It was more the fact that she sounded like she was seriously high than her hair (or teeth) that caught my attention and had me diving across my room for my camera. Not making fun of the woman, but my goodness, you're gonna be on Al-Jazeera and you show up stoned and rockin' the "used-up-crack-whore look"! Sweet! (Again, that sounds so mean, I'll repent).

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